Hassles of Administering Jeevamrut to the Crops Consistently

  • Creating Jeevamrut Requires 3-4 days of fermentation
  • For an average farm of 5 acres one would require 500 - 700 Liters of Jeevamrut
  • After preparing the biggest hurdle is to take this liquid manure to each plant in the area of 5 acres (in some cases even 20acres or even more)
  • The experiments that took place to do this:
    • Putting a can in a bullock cart and feeding it to each crop - labor required here is minimum 4-5 full time labor and it's cost would be 25-30 thousand rupees
    • Few farmers tried to use a hose and pipe - This works, just that doing it consistently is a challenge. And yes of course, the problem with finding labor stays in this case too.
    • Tried giving it through Drip Irrigation - Well this is an ideal way, completely saves the labor cost. However, Jeevamrut is made from cow-dung, jaggery, gomutra etc. There are millions of suspended particles in this liquid. No matter how much one tries to avoid, smallest of the particles remain in the liquid. These particles then choke the nipples of drip and it becomes a headache ( a costly one)
  • These and such other problems have discouraged the farmers to not been able to administer this elixir (Amrut) to the crops consistently
  • Pruthviraj Filter found its inspiration in this need and was developed.
  • So beautiful and perfect is its design that the output liquid is as clear as a crystal which can be then easily connected with the drip irrigation on your farm and used daily

Farming Innovations

  • We encourage our farmer friends to leave their comments here about any innovations that they have made which can be used for betterment of farming

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