How to Use the Filter


Irrigating the farm with Jeevamrut is very beneficial to the crop, soil and environment at large. It's advantages are well known to the farmers. This Organic Fertilizers will yield results when it reaches each plant in the field and on a consistent basis. Hence, observing Jeevamrut through Drip Irrigation is the best possible solution. 

Drip Irrigation ensures zero wastage of the valuable liquid and reaches the roots directly. It is highly recommended to do 'live mulching' using dried grass, sugarcane remains etc. This helps the soil to maintain its temperature & the earthworm (Gandul / Kenchua) works till the surface of the soil helping improve the soil quality.

Marigold Drip Line

Jeevamrut Ingredients

Jeevamrut Formula and Preparations

To use Pruthviraj Filter, lets first understand the formula of Jeevamrut. Jeevamrut is prepared with the following ingredients:

  1. 50KG Cow Dung
  2. 40 Ltr Gomutra (Cow Urine, preferably of Desi Cow)
  3. 10 KG gram flour or Besan aata or Putana Pindi
  4. 10 KG Jaggery or Guudh or Belam
  5. 1600 Ltr water

These ingredients need to be mixed together properly and in a shaded place and kept for 3-5 days.

Using Pruthviraj Filter

The above ingredients can be added in Pruthviraj Filter from the main inlet. After stirring the mixture properly the lid should be closed and kept for 3-5 days. Also, it has to be stirred properly twice (morning and evening) everyday for 5 mins.

On the 5th day 1000 litres of Jeevamrut can be obtained by opening the main outlet of the filter. Approx. 600 litres Jeevamrut remains inside the filter. This extract is mixed with another 1000 litres of fresh water and has to be stirred again. This second mixture will be needed to be kept for 1-2 hours. Now open the main outlet and it will give another 1000 litres of Jeevamrut output. This procedure will be repeated for the third time and 1000 litres of Jeevamrut can be obtained for the third time.

Hence, one cycle of ingredients give you 1000 litres of first, second and third grade of filtered Jeevamrut. Total 3000 litres. All these three grade outputs will be required to be mixed together to form a uniform grade filtered Jeevamrut.

Now this filtered Jeevamrut can be directly given through Venturi.

Pruthviraj Filter