Suchet Cow Shed Mats
22mm Thickness Rubber Mats for Lifetime Durability

Cowshed Mats

Cow Shed Rubber Mats

It is important to have a shock absorbing floor for the best health of cattle. It is important for the best profitability of milking parlors and farmers.
Also, farmers need to capture all the Cow Dung and Cow-urine (Gomutra) as it has great benefits in creation of Jeevamrut and other manures. Rubber Floor mats ensure the capture of these with ease.

Suchet Cow Mats: Specifications


  • - 1810 mm (approx 6 feet) X 1150 mm (approx 4 feet) 
  • - Weight of 1 Mat : 40.3 KG
  • - Design: Diamond shaped, Interlocking mats
  • - Non-Absorbent
  • - Slip Resistant 
  • - Optimum drainage of Cow dung and Cow urine (Gomutra)


Cow Mats