Pruthviraj Filter
Field Installations - Schematic Drawings


Top View Schematics for One Unit


'Pruthviraj Filter' Dimensions are as following Lenght: 7 Feet, Width: 4 Feet & Height: 2.5 Feet. Hence, the platform needs to be at least 9 Feet X 6 Feet so that there is ample space for labourer to be able to mix the ingredients in the Filter. A storage tank for capturing Jeevamrut should be made just in front of the platform and should have minimum capacity of 3000 Ltrs.

A separate Flush pit is also required to capture the flushed residue which is also rich in nutrients. This pit should be on the right of the Filter.

Water is the main ingredient in Jeevamrut, hence a fresh water main line should be laid close to the installation. Please refer the schematics as shown in the image on the left.

Front View Schematic for One Unit


The height of the platform is suggested to be 3 Feet so that the filtered Jeevamrut can be collected in a barrel/tank from where Venturi can be injected in the drip irrigation. This barrel should be few inches lower than the platform and can be dug in the ground for easy access.

Jeevamrut should always be created and stored in the shade. Hence the collection barrel/tank should be in a shaded place and preferably closed.